Delivering groundbreaking physical security products and solutions for real-time, precision threat detection

Why wouldn’t you use the smartest security system available?

Threats to our safety increase hourly. Terrorists, rogue fanatics, disgruntled employees; all pose increasing threats to our everyday lives.

School violence and workplace violence is increasing in epidemic proportions with threats up 158% since last year.

How do you quickly detect concealed weapons in crowds of people?


Threat detection with the Smarts, Speed and Pinpoint Accuracy

RONIN’s smart sensor threat detection products identify and geolocate even the smallest weapon or explosive material with pinpoint accuracy.

With up to 2x, 3x or more throughput of today’s scanners, RONIN’s speed and precision detection helps eliminate the long security backups experienced at sports stadiums, schools and public events. End result: faster and more accurate detection saving time and saving lives.


Force Multiplier for your Security Force

With stretched security resources and increasing threats, enlist RONIN to ease the manpower burden of your physical security.

Requiring half the normal staffing, RONIN adds the “re-enforcements” needed to bolster your security force and increase operational efficiency.

Easily integrated into existing security systems, RONIN provides real time alerts to your command center, your tablet or your cell phone for 24/7 monitoring – even unstaffed!


Portable or built-in, the choice is yours

Bad guys are skilled at avoiding traditional metal detectors and security screening.

Provide a hidden layer of protection with RONIN. Whether overt or covert, RONIN’s smart sensor technology has the agility to be discreetly installed in walls, ahead of the visible security detectors or implemented in mobile configurations.

RONIN provides the advanced notice needed to contain the threat before the public’s safety is endangered.


Military grade capability, commercially available today

Across the armed forces, RONIN threat detection solutions have been successfully tested, vetted and deployed for security applications ranging from access control, checkpoint security; to perimeter protection and explosive device discovery.

With proven reliability and pinpoint accuracy through severe weather, extreme vibrations and harsh climate conditions, RONIN brings this military grade security to benefit your security needs.


About Us

Broadband Discovery Systems provides groundbreaking physical security products for real-time, precision threat detection. Founded in 2006, RONIN, the Company’s flagship and award winning product, has been tested and validated by the U.S. military and law enforcement agencies. Available commercially, RONIN’s smart sensor threat detection technology provides unprecedented accuracy, speed and throughput reducing detection time, cost, and bottlenecks prevalent in today’s physical security solutions.